Before you work on your website, take care of the marketing basics

How important are your marketing objectives?

An old expression is "don't let the tail wag the dog". Yet when it comes to marketing, it's apparent that some businesses invest in areas that don't necessarily deliver the results that they desire. Such investment is often more about 'a good idea' or embracing new technology. This is often evidenced for example, with websites that look great, however the uploading of products is 'in progress', or 'more information is coming' - and it's been that way for a year or more. (The equivalent is having a shop that has empty shelves.) These issues mostly come from the creation of projects without a clear understanding of what the marketing objectives are, or almost as common, a failure to implement them. Bruce Hudson has been involved with helping companies set and achieve marketing objectives since the early 1990s. He has witnessed first-hand the effects of not having properly set marketing objectives, and at times spectacular growth resulting from having clear direction.

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What's the plan?

Once objectives are in place, planning can take place. The scope of planning can be wide ranging and formal, though sometimes huge results can be gained by quick and less formal plans. The advantage of having a formal marketing plan is that once the initial plan is in place, periodic reviews and incremental improvements can be made, which usually lead to sustained improvements across the board.

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Hire a marketing specialist

When you need legal advice, hire a lawyer. When you need to circumnavigate complex tax issues, hire an accountant. So unless you already have marketing excellence resourced inside your business, hire a marketing specialist. Gains include increased sales, better consistency with branding through to saving time by having more efficient communication channels. A large number of enterprises can benefit immensely with the experienced hand of a marketing specialist. Experience to avoid common pitfalls and to work where the best gains can be made.

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