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Marketing support and services from Gantt

There are many ways to communicate with your target market - but generally only a few that work well. Since working in media in the 1980s and as a dedicated marketing service provider since 1992, Bruce Hudson (Gantt's founder) has seen a wide variety of solutions that work. What that means to you is that we can draw upon experience to select the best solutions that give the largest gains, dramatically increasing the probability of success.

Putting it all together

You may have a brochure, website, and print ads, but how are they all working together? Without a cohesive plan and integrated marketing materials, you are probably not getting the most return on your marketing investment. At Gantt, we work across all areas of marketing so you can achieve far greater results than using different channels in isolation.

Our broad range of expertise across both traditional and online formats means a consistent look and feel and a strong brand throughout all your communication channels can be achieved. No matter what we do, it's usual that we consider the bigger picture to ensure the solution fits with your overall marketing strategy and achieves your business goals.

New business?

For new business, you will have marketing needs from day one. We know good planning increases the likelihood of success. Branding, business cards, a website, and for some a brochure. You may even want a simple customer database and a regular newsletter that works with a social media. We adapt a programme (we use our own templates to minimize time and costs) specifically designed to get your company up and running as soon as possible. We'll get you noticed while you concentrate on growing your company and securing new business.

Established business?

You know you need professional marketing input but perhaps you do not want (or have the budget) to hire a permanent marketing employee. Gantt provides marketing support when you need it, whether it's for a smaller job, a larger project or on a regular basis. Any marketing activity can be broken down into individual projects which we will manage for you, so you pay only for the expertise you need, saving your company money and increasing your profit margins. Our goal is to help you identify clear objectives, select the best solutions that give the largest gains, then do the work necessary to achieve them.

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